Mari Meszaros
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In my view Western Civilization has gotten into a downward spiral.
We live in a society struggling with an identity-crisis and in which the standards and values of democracy are fading away. Value is attached only to what is economically profitable.
The focus of attention is on the individual and the development and deployment of his qualities but at the same time people in very large numbers are treated like replacable and expendable robots. The sentiment for the social and for the fellow-human is drastically deteriorating.
The ties of solidarity and humanity, once the very core of the “social” in society, are disappearing. Who is unable to ‘get with the program’, is ground to pieces between the wheels and considered to be ‘Collateral Damage’
The oppressed and the downtrodden are imprisoned because of their opinion or forcibly drafted to become child-soldiers without any future at all. They are either being misused by warring gangs or exploited by ruthless multinationals.

With this work I want to point at the fact that our indifference is hollowing us out and robbing us of the most precious thing of all: our humanity.